Texas Justice Day 2

He jumped on Benny unprompted at eod to break a tie instead of going for no lynch? When there weren’t any good reads on anyone one way or the other? After having 0 posts showing any attempt to play? If that’s not more scummy than anything anyone else has done I don’t know what is

I mean I wanted to policy lynch Benny and dan was going to shoot him regardless so why not just lynch him to save Dan’s shot and get that big retard out of the game

You’re lying

I believe YNS, he just meme voted benny.

My predictions: slowdive (80%) gwez (60%) gamut (30%)

Just vote slowdive. Hopefully there are only 2 mafia or yns/lucky artist are fake claiming their shots so we can shoot someone tonight.

dude you literally didn’t do anything d1 but lynch me and say I was scum

Daily reminder that there’s a roleblocker in the game.

Claiming shots is dumb and just increases chance of getting town a town shot blocked tonight.

I’ve been working like fucking crazy and haven’t got the chance to comb the game yet. I’m almost certain one between LBJ and YNS is maf. Not sure about the partner yet. Let me reread stuff here.

yeah sick day 1 play leading into this day2 attempt at looking town on this possibly lylo day.

YNS, if you’re town and your claim is real, I hope you realise you not only blew your KP on town, but you narrowed down the pool of remaining KP so much by claiming it that roleblocker has a huge chance (1/3?) of hitting tonight. Good job dipshit.

If you’re wolf and you’re just trying to get town to claim shots with you - I commend you, that’s a smart play, but oops town’s not going to do that now.

I predict you will want to lynch me so your scum buddy LBJ is safe

YNS if you’re town you need to realise you’re playing fucking braindead right now and I need you to focus up.

Why do you think LBJ is scum?

I think YOU are scum along with LBJ but let’s focus on LBJ for a second.

LBJ does nothing day1 except try and lynch me and then, on day2, opens up with a lynch on me on a possibly lylo situation. I made the assumption there would be 3 mafia but reading back there could be only two mafia. Regardless, placing a lynch on someone when it only takes literally ONE to TWO mislynches for mafia to either win the game or turn it into a lylo situation is the opposite of town ESPECIALLY as an opening fucking post with no reasoning until later

Like imagine LBJ is a retarded town and there are 3 scum. They would just come and hammer me right now and win the game. That means either LBJ is one of the three scum and they’re waiting for a mislynch to hammer me or there are only two mafia and LBJ is either dumb town or just scum waiting for two mislynches on me to hammer.

Oh my fucking god I didn’t even see this. Is this two kill claims?

I refuse to believe town is so fucking stupid as to have unanimously announced they used their 1-shot power with a roleblocker in the game. There is 100% one scum in YNS and LBJ.

Yo is YNS towntelling really hard right now?

This doesn’t feel like wolf thirsty for a win, this feels like real scumhunting.

It can’t be 3 mafia or the game would be over under most hosts.

If all these things are true then I know the gamesolve is (Gwez/Slowdive) + (LBJ/YNS/Bazinga).

Why wouldn’t LBJ just shoot me if he is so convinced I am mafia though? Like I kind of outlined my reasoning for thinking klaze was scummy and ended up shooting him which is a misplay so why wouldn’t LBJ do the same

If he comes out with some “I was role blocked” bullshit I’m fucking lynching him

lynch LBJ

Working and then streaming but I’ll be back before 10.