Texas Justice Day 3

Day 3 Start

The townfolk wake up to find the corpses of
bazingaboy the Town Redneck
slowdive the Texas Outlaw

Players Alive

3 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 2

Day 3 will last until a majority lynch is reached. GLHF.

@Gamut @LuckyArtist

since this game isn’t over one of you is town. let’s solve this game.

Already did.

lynch LBJ

GG scum, was close.

Gamut I’m town are you throwing or something

Cheers to whoever shot Slowdive, saved the game.

I did. Who did you shoot?

I shot Matti, whoops.

How about you?

I used my shot on Dan n1 like I did last Texas Justice game

It’s super sus that gamut spent all day saying there’s 1 scum between me and yns and then didn’t shoot me

So ye lynch gamut

I already used my shot, hello?

Oh yeah you did didn’t you

Idk man still weird that you angled for either me or yns as being scum and didn’t say shit about slowdive

how did you guys choose your night 1 targets? what was the reasoning for shooting epok/matticus?

I shot dan n1 last Texas Justice game

I wouldn’t be a real man if I didn’t do it again

If Gwez was maf he’d have ended the game immediately after my vote. Sorry LBJ but I figured this shit out yesterday.

No shit Sherlock