the 'afk-strat' problem

I actually agree with both of you to some extent. But I believe your points are more valid. However, I’m serious that Kyle will still walk away thinking he won this thread, calling it a you issue after he’s repeatedly blown up with regards to your gameplay and post counts.

To further clarify - I say I believe your points are more valid because I think a minimum is unrealistic and somewhat unnecessary. That being said I do think you need to commit more to games in general. I recognize that you have been committing more, recently (I’m not saying games with you have been unplayable in the last couple of months)

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In a sense Kyle and Faz are winning because I have zero desire to play here atm.

I think having a minimum post count is necessary, but it should be low - like 10 posts. I would hope that anyone signing a game wouldn't even need that reminder, but that has broken many times in the past.

Still, afking is far less of a problem than game ruining, and if that's solved at this time, allowing a variety of playstyles seems to be the best option to keep the player population up.

With that said, this is probably the only post that needed to be made.

no one "wins" the thread. lmao i just wanted to get the bickering over with. majority says no min post count so thats where it is. im done posting about it.

if anyone wins its gamut and the afk playstyle.

i can disagree all i want, doesn't change the majority.

Swing and a miss

"As much as"?

Self-voting is a niche weird strat that can pay off if you act really convincing and then turn the wagon. But that's super uncommon. Every time I see it, self-vote is just self-implosion and completely anti-win con (like when you do it). I know communities where it's not even allowed.

Not posting, on the other hand, is sick. It's great as maf when there's other lowposters to blend into. It's great as town PR. It's great when you've been towntelling too hard and you don't want to get NKed. It's almost always a good idea for at least one person every game.

nerds here just mad about afk post because they can’t say “but muh reads” as a reason to lynch someone. Let people AFK just change playstyle to put pressure and lynch them

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I would not call it “sick” though. It’s one of the most braindead strats out there to just sit back and let town lynch each other. As town it makes almost 0 sense to afk


If you can not commit a steady 30 minutes in a 24 hour window to play a game of mafia every day don't sign up.

Unless you are in a hospital on emergency or any other irl emergency that's okay.

If you got "friends over for few days" or you got time to watch your movies and read or post in other namafia threads over this game that's not okay.

How about you post your stats from our last anon game that actually had a minimum post count and days were longer than 48 hours for the most part.

You had 20 posts first day

You had 4 posts 2nd day and you were fucking town that was getting lynched.

You have zero fucking self awareness how low activity ruins the game for people around you.

Your job as town to BE there and town tell while you are being lynched or town tell and NOT be in the lynch pool to give yourself a wiggle room to be less active player.

Instead you come in and bullshit filler and scumtell day 1 then afk when you are in the pool of people to be lynched.

Yeah gamut we are the bad guys here.

I honestly rather not sign up and play with people who have this attitude because I do prioritize this game over other activities I can be doing and then when I try hard and lynch a low activity town after trying to find mafia for two days I feel like I'm wasting my time.

How about we host 2 separate games based on how people voted here.

1 game with players who voted for minimum posts

2nd game with players who voted against it.

And see which one is going to be a more fun time spent.

We honestly should just have alternative game one with one without minimum post requirements.

People who can't post enough can sit out one and one where people cant stand low posters can sit out the following. And people who don't care either way can play both.

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I highlighted a better afk plotter and if gamuts threads really were randomly selected then he has a point

i dont think its a problem, i think people have different expectations. and the host should lay them out on game signup. If you create a 30 post minimum like the anonymafia game, it should be understood that you must post that many times or zeus etc. i didnt sign that game cause im not always a 30 poster a day.

This is confusing to me though. What if I don't want you to have a solid read on me?

This seems like you mean. its easier to find scum when people post more.

he went back 2 months to find those games LMAO. they weren't randomly selected.

the fact that he had higher posts than me shows they weren't randomly selected. i've been top 3 poster in like 90% of my games since i started

then don't participate in the game lmao. ppl are supposed to read you. thats what mafia is about.