The Anon Mafia Ball -- Day 3

Who is fat tony

My guess is @theGreatWingdingi or @_jdance .
Not really sure.

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I’ll try asoul then I fuess

I guess I lose in thread and pm ■■■?

@sophie kill @AnonFatTony for being asoul/wingy/the individual with no power here

Post in thread and pm ban holyy

That might be GG.

Wait why did Eton kill insom

Nope I am town im guessing it's just billy. How many of us are left I still kind of want to shoot montana as kkat, can you prove you are confirmed town? Is it just a guesso n whether joker/gotti shot faz . we are missing a gun shot from yesterday though

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
anonbillythakidd 1 AnonJEdgar

Not Voting

AnonTonyMontana, AnonJohnGotti, AnonBillyThaKidd, AnonPiccolo, AnonFatTony, AnonEtonJames,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4


piccolo maybe too

Is faking gun shot fair game or so u get zeused?!

Is fake faking fair game?!

why are you asking

Eton killed insom because he is a goy and he's trying to ruin the game.
He is anti-town and we might have to kill him if we want to win.

who do you guys think piccolo is i might shoot there

no clue who billy isw

Our best chance of winning is to just vote.

Votes don't require names.

Type Name

Shoot in the Game during the day.

@SOPHIE shoot anonbillythakidd as yns