The Anon Mafia Ball -- Day 3

Morning rises and the lights resume.

@AnonMaroni died last night, God rest his soul.

"day 1 op

@mafiabot startday 7722

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

AnonTonyMontana, AnonJEdgar, AnonJohnGotti, AnonBillyThaKidd, AnonPiccolo, AnonFatTony, AnonEtonJames,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4


John Gotti's not there, maj still 4.

fix the bot youre ruining my immersion

@anontonymontana why are you not dead

Not sure.
Maybe Maroni posted something that scared the remaining scum.

should i shoot you to make sure you didnt bus and also to confirm myself

That's crazy talk.
I killed off my entire team for town cred?

now pardners i gots to be honest with y'all folk here i got no clues as to who this last mafioso could be. Ahm supposin i might just need to be doin a reread of the thread yesterday and the day befo' just to make sure i got it alllllllll r ight.


Let's wait for some gun claims.

I'm not sure you even have a gun. If you're scum you can't have one.
Gun claims give town a lot of clears now.

alright im shooting jedgar im bored fuck these afks

He claimed a gun yesterday. But he was probably lying.

This rose theme is very relaxing

I said I was lying about having a fun yesterday

I now have a gun and I was gonna shoot lucky but it seems as though someone did that for me

I have no clue what is going on so tell me who to shoot and what name to use and I’ll do it

Is it confirmed there is only 1 mafia left? I think I’m just gonna park vote on Billy then

@mafiabot lynch @AnonBillyThaKidd

Have we figured out who is left yet?

Besides, of course, me Edgar who is clearly lbj

My scum candidates in order.


I am confirmed town.
Sadly, Eton is too.