The Anon Mafia Ball -- Day 3

Alright idiots

Fake af

@SOPHIE shoot @AnonFatTony naming bazingaboy

:stop_sign: :stop_sign: :stop_sign: :stop_sign: :stop_sign: :stop_sign:

Fuck you gwezx

gotta be jedgar or billy as the final mafia

Lmao I don't have a gun because ■■■ hates me but free win waiting for whoever has one left right here. 75% bazinga is our last baddy 25% it's in the afk shitters

if you dont have a gun you have no reason to suspect my gun is fake, your perspective is wrong

@mafiabot vote anonpiccolo

you probably only see the way to win is mislynching me then going into edgar or billy for a secondary lynch.

but yes i am bazingaboy shoot me to confirm if anyone wants to then go piccolo

How are you guys this bad

The game is mechanically solved

I am mechanically cleared, Kkat is mechanically cleared. All scum guns are accounted for yesterday and today. Anybody holding a legitimate gun today is cleared. Use the guns to clear the players

1 gun claims, says who he wants to kill
That player must reveal his name. Gun shoots with that name
If it fails, one or the other is scum. Second gun claims, reveal name of first gunman, shoot him. If he flips, lynch the first gun target who lied
If he doesn't flip, he lied about his name and his gun.

Basically you just have a process of elimination to find TOWNS (not scum) with guns and if at any point you find someone who was lying, you lynch that person and all your other gun carriers are cleared.

What you did instead: Just do random shit in the thread without thinking, now your gun cannot be verified & town is in the same place it was before.

I wrote an algorithm in rust to solve this game. It is a 100% win for town if played optimally.

@AnonBillyThaKidd if you have a gun, you must tell us Right Now.

stfu and vote piccolo

If you're town you played one of the worst town games I've ever seen

Basically every single contribution, including this most recent post, was wrong.

but im making it up by voting the last scum here and if we lose it's your fault for not voting him if we lose

:zeus: :zeus: :zeus: :zeus:

Check the link I sent - because we don't know if there are 1 or 2 scum remaining, the thing we most need to do today is use guns to confirm towns. The game is 100% mechanically solved with any number of remaining scum if we manage to do so.

I already wasted my gun so no, i will not click that link