holy based I've never seen them whip out the r word

boss comes up behind him but he doesn't give a fuck

there's gotta be a revolt in the works

This person is a clown

this is how i feel about /r/antiwork

its a bunch of socially anxious clowns (for the most part)

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thats how i feel about every subreddit

should have known jdance was a redditor

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my brain turns off whenever i read any sort of nuanced take in the the context of a subreddit with 1mil+ subs. given how reddit's popularity system works and how people are incentivized to post early it's always full of the most asinine opinions and half decent rebuttals are immediately downvoted by the person they're replying to so they usually dip further or stay unnoticed

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old lore sir

■■■ even put the hook there

you're dumb touch grass + ratio

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reddit hate is out of date btw site's changed a lot in the past decade

pop use is cancer, it's botted to hell plays off of idiots and is homogenous af

but there are a number of subs with 15k+ followers that are really quality

i just googled quickly to see if theres one that appeals to you

idk how people are pissed at this guy instead of the host for patronizing and strawmanning him or think this is a "bad subreddit PR move"

that's a good one, in general the creative/production ones tend to be fine i've just only ever regularly used it for r/xcom for long war 2 feedback and r/historymemes if im in a degenerate mood.

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it's nice not having to signup for different forums and stuff for your interests but im not sure it's worth the trade off

Because that guy is the definition of a confused loser who wants the world to change instead of making changes himself

the dopamine hit from mass upboats probably appeals a lot to our generation and younger