The medication stigma

So are we going to discuss why people here are so anti meds? Loki went insane when he went off his, same will apply to Jdance


u guys are sick in the head and medications won’t help that

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go outside maybe you won’t need a cocktail of brain altering drugs just to pretend to function one level above a completely dysfunctional ■■■■■■ level

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Going outside is quite hard when I had agoraphobia and untreated anxiety. Going outside is now possible that I've been diagnosed and am taking medication to deal with it. This Andrew Tate style of advice only applies to people who have good neurochemistry.

It sounds like youre projecting a whole lot with this medication stuff.

Truth is youll be on a never ending treadmill of increased dosage due to tolerance from these drugs, and with increased dosage comes its own long term issues.

Yeah ■■■■■■ so you accuse me of projecting then immediately go on to project it onto me. So that's why you're scared of getting prescribed meds? You don't think you have the wilpower to stop doing them and will keep escalating your use until death?

Lack of willpower. That's a fucking psychological flaw, which also can be medicated.

Truth is that what youre experiencing right now is short term euphoria from a change of life status. You will revert to the mean at some point, your meds will no longer work, and youll be back to step 1.

The only way to fix yourself is without medication

Projected depressing nonsense lol. You're a manic depressive.

Who are you dude? Probably ewiz? You complained to mods to get me banned?

Your life is going to well then? You are back here LMAO. On medication and still campaigning to authority figures when you get your feelings hurt or things dont go your way LMAO

I complained to mods ■■■■■■ because people were inciting you into a psychotic episode and you had to be restricted for your own good. Yes my life is going fucking great dude, I swim and am rich, I use this site for about twenty minutes per day.

Learn who is actually looking out for you.

The manic LMAO's almost convinced me that you weren't having a psychotic episode.

Common Ewiz L


Congrats on making some progress. It feels good when youre at that point and due to the raging narcissism inside of you you feel the need to lecture others whenever you make a little progress.

It wont last and you will regress. Your medication will fail. I say this as someone whos actually looking out for you

No one’s complaining led to your silence



My medication won't fail ■■■■■■

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