The NmaStink Problem and Situation

Post your thoughts and prayers here.
Not long until this guy ends up on the streets of kairo or in the loony bin11

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hes's probably playing his 500th ranked dota game with Christopher right now while thinking about alightsoul and jdance

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I haven't played ranked in over a month.



Airhogs being the same person as Toprak is impossible.

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Can you please stop corncobbing me? We can queue dota right now if you want.


It's time to play 5 drums Brewmaster!


I dont think he will end up on the streets

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I miss the old Shaddi

Old NMA wouldnt be like this...

Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but when I stilled played DoTa I found nmagane becoming quite weird. We used to duo queue all the time, but he would only play if Chris was playing with us. Nma would also get upset a lot about cooldowns which didn't really seem in character.



I definitely noticed he kept saying the cooldowns when I was watching the stream. I think it's normal though - nothing I would be ashamed of. Nice to see somebody engaging with Dota 2 in this way

I miss the old Shaddi
Straight from the go Shaddi

Grief up with soul Shaddi
Feeding is his goal Shaddi

I hate new Shaddi
The troll with brood Shaddi

The always subdued Shaddi
Spaz in the crew Shaddi

I miss the peaked Shaddi
Stop all the defeats Shaddi

I gotta say at the time
I'd like to beat Shaddi

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it's the result of playing with faceless void 90% of games.

I dont see the correlation

what about the covariance