The Rerun Day #4

The town arises to the death of @theGreatWingdingi a Vanilla Townie

Day 4 Start

Day wil last until 2020-05-14T13:00:00Z or Majority Lynch


Alive Players


Majority Lynch is 3

@mafiabot startday 5206

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

KrazyKat, bazingaboy, slowdive, SCSF, LuckyArtist,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3



just to confirm we are sticking with asoul's plan to lynch bazinga today. Tomorrow I vote we lynch slowdive and win the game.

Agreed on the bazinga part. Not 100% sure on the other part.
I will explain soon.

well from my perspective it is a choice between LuckyArtist and slowdive. If you think LuckyArtist is mafia I am open to the idea but I think it is less likely. Either way I look forward to your explanation as you'll probably be dead tonight.

I looked at this vote count:

I am looking at the 4 possible options for them: town/town, town/scum, scum/town, and scum/scum.

Right now my gut says it's Bazinga and Slowdive.

I believe it’s definitely bazinga and I cannot guess the other without some counsel

My brain says lbj but my heart says scsf is second

I think we lost either way

I am working on a list of possibilities now.
Not sure what I will get.

I want to kill bazinga but we’ve misltcnhed like three times already so we should wait

Wish I had the opportunity to be awake for more of the last 3 days

We only mislynched twice. Kyle was a mafia goon.
Lynch right today and ther is only one more.

slowdive you are the last scum hope. quick! engage plan "Z"!

I am typing up a big text doc. Is anyone interested in reading it or should I just give the TL;DR version?

Post both

I’m legitimately going to bed now so can you post the whole thing and we can wait to decide til I’m awake

Unless I get killed then rip in peace