The Shinigami Fan Club (EX.Tatsu Ed.)


the first low kick is a trick where he's like: yeah im fat af and can only kick waist hi :arrow_lower_right: :sweat_smile:

and then he reveals his true form with the 2nd :arrow_heading_up: :face_with_head_bandage:

thinking about copping one of these

You're so annoying

What a fuckin badass

Thats pete holmes

this is one of the most awesome and fascinating human beings I've encountered in some time

he's like a mix of Ryu, Sammo Hung, & @huber

i want his gi

why doens't he sell the gi in the merch shop

you need the gut for it

where do i get the gut?

spending your weekends between gaming and dennys

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i go t blacklisted from a dennys once for throwing up all over the women's bathroom @ 2am


fortunately i have pretty strong stomach or i too might have embarassed myself vomiting in public

Public vomming is easy just hold it in until you are somewhere chill then take aim and let that shit bang