The site is dying

Anybody got ideas on how to generate more activity? The site is starting to decline drastically.

The lack of site activities and procrastination by @SOPHIE to develop them is the lead cause of this.

I’d ban goyclub.


Wish I was a better thread maker

No it isn’t.

How come you guys stopped playing minecraft?

It’s almost like you were only there to grief.

Kind of like your presence on this site.

I simply don’t have much time to post right now. Hope other people can keep it alive.

I don’t post because I can no longer grief the Minecraft server.

We were playing at a healthy rate but the server went down. Didn’t want to bother Roragok if he’s at a wedding.

I think you’re still a dedicated poster.

Yeah I would also consider myself a dedicated poster, just saying that right now I’m maybe not as active as I have been in the past.

Seems alive to me

This site is dead

I’m dead

we could ban you

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We’re all dying


I forgot about this site. funny that this is the first thread that pops up when i visit again :eyes:

Hope yall are doing great

was this site ever alive

i thought it was just an afterthought from where people could come and meme with each other

i didn’t think people wanted to expand activity

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Only epok wants that.