The Wheel of Time TV Series

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Unfortunately this show doesn't really seem seem have the production maturity that game of thrones has, judging by the trailer

One is markedly better than the other

Granted the got trailer makes the show seem like it would be much worse than it was

why arent the us streamers doing shit like this wtf

This is probably one of the best trailers of all time though

This show looks very bad.

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Looking good so far.
I am starting episode 6 and enjoying it.
Even though it has nothing in common with the books.

its fucking absolute dogshit bro its absolute shit absolute dogshit bro holy shit its bad

Gotta love a show where the main bad guy is a bitch that looks like a hamster who ate too many nuts

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i couldnt even finish the first episode
its so very clearly out of consideration of being a good show

its game of thrones but on the cw

The first episode was bad.
Give it a chance, it gets better.

game of thrones didnt have a bad episode for 5 years

How does the show have nothing to do with the books? is it a new story same setting? I'm confused, never read the books but people always talk of them. Was going to give it a whirl when all the episodes were out.

Similar story but changed because the books we long and boring.
If they made it exactly like the books it would be pretty bad.

@Nyte where are you to tell me I am wrong about everything.

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She got unmodded and quit the forum dude