theodore interview

who to interview?

call me 1-800-662-4357

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i'm sure you find this funny.

I called just to see what you were trolling me with.

Someone choosing to go clean in their life with substance abuse and you decide it's comical to mock them by providing this emergency line.

good showing kat.

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yeah i absolutely don't have a history of dealing with people who abused alcohol haha fuck you re tard get help

you're in denial get real

You're making yourself look a fool, and for what reason? Someone decides to get clean and you mock them

you're genuinely being a cunt, but enjoy whatever makes you rationalize your behavior

:clap: for you buddy

there is your validation


guys chill wtf


call mike jones up on the low

@theodore u streaming? join my discord if u wanna interview me

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theodore you're gonna have to accept that people are skeptical when you've proven yourself to be a liar about your drug use in past

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what did he lie about?

in a prior years I definitely made goals/promises that were stated as facts, which I failed on via relapsing.

i was remembering you lying to me and yns saying you would be sober for our call and you clearly were not


I only made this because I read that the interviews were enjoyed and would be better if I was sober