There seems to be a mistake - the Blog thread is locked!

Anyone know why? Did the Shareholders pull a string?

Dan is locking popular threads to promote more “apparent activity” by having the discussion spread out over multiple threads rather than just one.

Which is odd, and seems in contrast with, him having both created and stickied the blog thread in the first place. However we do not know what is going on with the Shareholders (I no longer have access to their discord), and as such, I believe it is entirely possible that Dan acts simply as a marrionenete doll for them. The Shareholders pull a string, and Dan, their fiduciary, is compelled to act in their best interest, which may or may not particularly be in our best interest, the regular users of, and the ones who regularly interface with the site.

Directedt at Nmagane as an Aside :

Why is jdance emulating our posts as something to mock? He’s very blatantly taking what we say at comedic value and then copying it. Shareholders discord? That doesn’t even make sense. There is an audience discord that’s not just some funny joke; I recommend you grow a personality yourself as your shallow attempts to come off as a “maverick” (your words in private) cast you as someone vastly insecure hahaha!

He created and stickied it as a reference to the original blog thread (which he had nothing to do with creating) in an attempt to pull in old members.

Bait and switch is a dirty tactic. My view of Dan has fallen, if not just a tad.

Certainly agreed - I don’t know what point he’s even trying to make - but Dan needs to be called out regardless.

Are you upset with me for voting to permanently ban you from this site? I assure you it was entirely personal. We can go to War if you wish - but understand that I have never lost a War.

Update: I just lost a war.

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Your vote is irrelevant - it was an overwhelming majority victory for benny - why would anyone be upset over a few votes?

If America is to be understood as the greatest Country in the world, and if Hillary collected over 50% of the vote and did not win, then who is to say that we don’t just ban @anon75925521 regardless? It would be the American thing to do.

Percentages only matter in a vacuum - their meaning is diminished in real world circumstance.

My first impression of @anon75925521 when I joined People don’t adjectivatize their online alias. It’s weird. The closest corrolary that pops to mind is rappers referring to themselves as ‘lil’. Perhaps @anon75925521 is doing exactly the opposite of that as some sort of ironic racism.

Unless @anon75925521 meant to induce laughter by means of juxtaposition between his usage of the word ‘big’, and his profile picture. The man in his profile picture is not one.


Chuckles I knew that ignoring you would cause you to be this infuriated. When I saw you pop up on the site I had instantly pegged your archetype as is so common on the internet. A whacky prankster with a desperate need for attention ; no wonder you sallowed and started to copy me and scratch at the floorboards hahaha!

Certainly true - His archetype was immediately recognizable from his very first post.

If what you say is true, then you are actively giving me what I want, meaning I win. Even though this is a 2v1 situation I am winning, and you don’t even realize that you are actively losing, and that is because you have no self awareness. This lack of self-awareness no doubts purports it’s deathly seed into other areas of your life, leaving your viewfinder hazy, unfocused. You clearly don’t see clearly

Copying me: fail.

Perhaps you should wait for the Greybox feature.

I’m going to give this response the benefit of the doubt - I won’t judge you for it. The merits of your brain are clearly drained, due to attempts at delmitting my arguments. I suggest you rest, and try again fresh.