These BLM protests needs a new chant line

I mean one of my fathers(unfortunate) friends is a Sheriff in DC and he openly admits he racially profiles.

he claims if he stops 10 poc then 8 of them have something he can get them for.

if he stops 10 white ppl then only 3 of them have something he can get them for.

i can see why people form these habits with "stats" like that but it's still not okay.

i've also been seeing videos of cops unloading bricks in areas knowing "protesters" will use them to cause damage

Removing Numeta posts or banning him just plays into the narrative that it is the "free-thinking" right wingers who are downtrodden in these exchanges

I also think it's important to hear the opinions you don't agree with and be able to talk to people you think are wrong without having emotional blowups over it

So at risk of being lynched I would like to suggest we all talk to the numetas and refspis of the world with the intention of understanding their point of view and trying to find common ground

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who cares about "narrative" just get his bullshit ass outta here

he has no intention of learning growing or listening so he can fuck off

@BASED_QWORD goy check thanks @anon82208883


i agree with wingdingi. i genuinely prefer speaking to people who have differing opinions as it makes the conversation more interesting and you can both grow. better to let people speak their minds.

but i also agree with lbj that some people you can't actually communicate with because they're too far gone and will never grow outside of their eggshell

Race riots are as american as apple pie, and they're an important feature baked into our system.

I expect no meaningful change to occur as a result of this latest wave.

Things will eventually die down and cops will get back to the business of extrajudicial killings and pumping the bellows firing their conviction factories.

they are suppressing it also because people might get strange ideas if the protests end up succesful

like labor rights and a reasonable healthcare...

i deleted the slowdive post beacuse numeta doesnt seem to be totally sane and a suggestion like that is something he just may take and i dont wanna risk any of that

Kkat said he'll do a tribunal today for numeta. if he doesnt end up doing it then ill put up a poll to decide what to do with him.

ban him? limit him to one place? require mods to approve his posts? iunno. dont rly like the blatant ignorance but im also not fond of censorship

It's hate speech you're "censoring". I think a tribunal is fine

sometimes you gotta let the extreme hate spew so the people on the fence realize just how dumb they could devolve into

though i doubt that serves any purpose here so im all for a tribunal

i'd imagine it's gonna be fairly unanimous

the protests are not about labor rights and reasonable healthcare

but the fact that neither exist certainly exacerbates the conditions that lead to mass protests

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This was the retired police chief shot in St. Louis while trying to stop looters last night. He had more than 30 years of service protecting his community, and his life was taken in an act of senseless violence while people livestreamed it. His name was David Dorn

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