This is gay

Good job, keep up the good work everyone

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No offense but you sound like a really pathetic SJW right now or are just trolling.
Probably only like w33ha because he’s not white then - as I said yesterday, brainwashed.

@a2pas Just grow up and stop acting like a child because someone called you out. You are seeing things in my posts that aren’t there because you’re - to put it blunty - just mad.

None of what you said is true. I like w33haa because he’s a pleasant streamer, player, and successful competitive player.

As for the SJW allegation, what justice is there to exact if I call you stupid? Nothing happens if you live or die. You don’t have any impact on this world.


So you like him because of his dota skill - as I said before. Once again I was right.

Man I can never remember who is an earnest poster and who is doing some Forrest-like shtick

Right about what? He’s a pleasant, down to earth human being, which I appreciate compared to other dota players.

As to this part - this could be the least intelligent response I have seen in nadota/namafia history. You are call me a “bigot” and try to use that to dismiss my arguments - typical SJW.

So you are a fanboy? I thought you said you weren’t.

You seriously tried to get out of that judgement by griping about some ad hominem charge. That was far from the case.

No way to argue with a blinded SJW Stan - he actually believes what he says because the media made him think that colored people are better.

No I didn’t.

What the hell is going on

You used typical bot-like responses the instant I used the word “arab”. As if your eyes lit up - and you thought “this is my chance!”

@a2pas Get off my dick, your begging for attention is really more sad than annyong

I don’t think the “dumb arab” charge was necessary, sure. Neither did the 14 other posts deriding groups of people for no reason. Does that make me some sort of SJW?

Notice how @a2pas said that he was going to “put me on ignore” then immediately comes back for more attention

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