This is what an Ewiz apology looks like

Thought we could all appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.

Context: This is the result of ewiz claiming for months, making multiple threads about, and convincing a bunch of people on this forum that I did something I didnt.

I finally looked at the logs, after telling him he was wrong for 6 months, and this is his response.

Here is the thread about it :slight_smile: Since you can make threads accusing me of these things, you can also have threads clearing my name.

Ewiz 20 mins ago:

Ewiz now:

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Ewiz a second ago:

Ewiz is typing a reply…

Ewiz now:

DEEPTHROAT reacted with: :goywarning:


Couldn’t think of anything witty immediately

How about “Sorry about that.”

Wonder if you’ll apologize one day, too

For what dearest Nyte

How about I was wrong, you’re still a hithead and manipulative, so I’m not apologizing for allegedly making people think you’re a shithead (they already did), and you can go fuck yourself

And where’s the apology for invading my privacy repeatedly by going to my LinkedIn, which everyone agreed was fucked up, precipitating everything I did

I mean I’ve seen the evidence and I’m still pretty sure you did it

Ewiz months ago

Ewiz 10 seconds ago:

yeah i fucked up

Ewiz now:

Tries to reframe discussion to something idiotic about LinkedIns (which was always a non-issue in the first place)

Remarkable pivot sir - looking forward to your participation in this year’s winter olympics

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Remember how the original post was precipitated by you repeatedly visiting my LinkedIn? How is that a non-issue?

Ruins forums for months on end

Agh. Guess I was wrong about that one. In my defense I was pretty drunk.

Ruined the forum? Lol

Lmao I just saw you linked the joke thread too

Hi mods:

I’m requesting you keep my thread on topic by deleting all Ewiz responses that aren’t apologetic.

As thread creator, I believe this is my right.


I’m still not seeing how that changes anything