This REALLY isn't OKAY.

Look at this user list:
Would appreciate if you didn't make my evenings end up like this @toprak


i think jdance started this actually


fuck you and die.

Why does Jones get so uncomfortable when I message him things that I hope makes him uncomfortable

Like holy fuck dude you're so predictable

jigglebilly you're fine

he thinks sex is gross and he probably thinks youre gross respect his boundaries

He thinks jigglebilly is fine because he is a janitor.

He hates me because I am above him

That's why he sure surrounds himself with people like nmagane, toprak, and kaptenrobert. And especially nyte.

They are all losers and I'm not


Who is trying to chat rn I'm trying to chat miss up!

Like what the fuck does this mean

I meant mics up

you look like some kid we called john farter in elementary school

Anyone who thinks I am a goyclub associate look no further than John farter.

I am and always was an independent contractor

No one in goyclub has a job or a girlfriend

acceptable teamspeak topics:

programming languages
computer architecture
magic the gathering
air traffic controlling
dota underlords
mafia game design
game critique
hearthstone (sometimes)
bossa nova micspam

anything else and you aren't welcome


Cheating in mafia

To your list

high desire: hearing jigglebilly flush a toilet then scream at the top of his lungs

zero desire: "woah guys i just had sex with my girlfriend in the broom closet wooah duude"

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literally playing modern horizons draft on and im interrupted

additional topic - anime