TI8 - Discussion Thread

is wraith king most pickedd? im so mad I chose phoenix as most picked

Serenity looks great in game 1 but then gets crushed 22-2 against secret.

VGJ.S with a nice opening 2-0 against VG.

Optic falls 2-0 to VP, looked like pajkatt was very nervous actually.

And yeah i think WK is the most picked so far, other notables have been willow and tiny.

I expected OpTic to have yips early, I think Serenity is going to also be a LB contender.

I am floored about Fnatic

Dumb question but why is everyone now buying blink on tiny? I don’t remember seeing that much in the summit, so what changed

why the hell is arteezy playing phoenix

needed to free up farm

they have to let grant solo cast 1 game

Didn’t really get to watch any games was ench picked at all?



its most banned

oh word I kind of figured that

I hope they start banning wraith king instead lol

offlane WK those TI strats

its such a sick hero

I was actually gonna make a thread saying ench was gonna be first pick/ban that hero is fucking broken

Ench picked in EG vs IG


meant to write og vs liquid