Timetravel mafia

Jcrispy host

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@mafiabot sign

This is the one lads. Sign it

jcrispy is a trustworthy dungeon master, he has run dozens of games nad I would bet he's the best pa to hos t on the site

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I agree.


@trust_level_3 @trust_level_2 @trust_level_1 @trust_level_4 @trust_level_5

Get in here lads

@jcrispy sign

@JCrispy any idea on the game?
If not I would rather play a game hosted by osiris.

I know exactly what im going to do

well I don't and I and I'm not signing without a clue.

you are not important nor a strong enough player for that to mean anything

okay thx bye.
Good luck getting players.



I count 3 weak players and someone trying to manipulate you, fail to see your point

k thx by

Embarrassing, but expected


Forgot about this gMd.