Timetravel mafia

Jcrispy host

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@mafiabot sign

This is the one lads. Sign it

jcrispy is a trustworthy dungeon master, he has run dozens of games nad I would bet he's the best pa to hos t on the site

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I agree.


@trust_level_3 @trust_level_2 @trust_level_1 @trust_level_4 @trust_level_5

Get in here lads

@jcrispy sign

@JCrispy any idea on the game?
If not I would rather play a game hosted by osiris.

I know exactly what im going to do

well I don't and I and I'm not signing without a clue.

you are not important nor a strong enough player for that to mean anything

okay thx bye.
Good luck getting players.



I count 3 weak players and someone trying to manipulate you, fail to see your point

k thx by

Embarrassing, but expected


Forgot about this gMd.

get a Clue


  1. Godfather
  2. Underboss
  3. Townsperson 1
  4. Townsperson 2
  5. Townsperson 3
  6. Townsperson 4
  7. Time Traveler
  8. Wildcard

Godfather: The Godfather is the leader of the mafia. They are responsible for making the decisions and controlling the mafia's actions.

Underboss: The Underboss is the right-hand man of the Godfather. They are responsible for carrying out the orders of the Godfather and helping to control the mafia's actions.

Townspeople: The Townspeople are ordinary citizens. They must work together to figure out who the mafia are and eliminate them.

Time Traveler: The Time Traveler is a special role. They have the ability to travel back in time to observe the actions of the mafia. They must use this information to help the Townspeople find the mafia.

Wildcard: The Wildcard is a rogue player. They are not part of either the mafia or the Townspeople. They have their own agenda and must use their own judgement to decide which side to support.

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