Top Forum Poster Of All Time

With the website domain name lease expiring on Jan 1, 2020, and roragok deciding against renewing the site, I figured our last two weeks together would be a perfect time for us to look back and reflect.

I would like all of you to go ahead and list your favorite forum posters in our time here.

For me personally, my favorite posters go something like this:


How about you guys?

The memes kaptenrobert makes



christmascast is ON @nmagane @fuckmafiauniverse

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@nmamane @nimgane

Who said it's not autorenewi g

@taste_my_rot Do you still have the tk meme posts? I loved those.


Ah yes the Turd Khouri collection, a favorite of many.

I wish I could take credit for this spicy little number in response to when TK was trying to say he was white, but that honor belongs to bayo-kun.

I made these ones in protest of Montreal's (Turd Khouri's home village) decision to dump all sewage into the St. Lawrence river instead of investing in sewage treatment plants.

I believe it to be one of the worst ecological disasters of our time and at least on par with the Deepwater Horizon incident.

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that looks exactly like a 15 c. mughal regnal portrait


top forum poster of all time: Vanquish


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I am literally the most dogshit poster on this site and it's intentional

Show me the last good post I made. Hint: it's when I was still on Adderall

all broodstar ever did was shitpost and post nonsense. he wasnt a good poster at all. people just worshipped him for some reason because everyone else did so they felt compelled to join in. he was a really good player but literally 99% of what he posted on nadota was just nonsense. his posts were good back when he posted on

kzz and kfc_nigga posted a lot of funny stuff, vietnam tom was pretty funny