Toronto slang

This Toronto based ebonics slang pisses me off so much. These people sound absolutely ■■■■■■■■■ It doesn't make sense. I hate it. It projects stupidity.

what do you have against carribeans mate


Toronto g's wish they were american gangsters they try so hard and this si what we get. They sound like idiots.

Maybe the francophone gangster was within you all along

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i just realized there's a fleur-de-lis on plasma's hockeystick. if he's quebecois that explains a lot

that or it's a double edged billhook

as 16th century english men-at-arms always said, keep your stick on the ice

Rofl imagine being a pasty 16th century englishman dying of diseases and not bathing and shit

Couldn’t be me xd

youre more likely to have some WASP in your blood than anyone I can think of

hey it wasn't all bad, sometimes you got to use your knowledge of farming implements to craft weapons capable of unseating those pompous rich frank horse riders

this was also after the crusades when europe suddenly remembered medicine and science existed

Now this is just false

one drop rule

hmm that was after WW2

Yo fam, eh

Yo fam, dem ting fam u know fam eh fam

More likely than anyone else was your statement


african americans are more likely to have WASP admixture than polish people or german people

Yo fam what's wasp fam eh fam

West African Small Pox