Traitor amongst Traitors spoiler graveyard


scum is matticus faz and bazinga

gamut is tr8

jenada is pardoner

Do I get MVP?

town had like 5 afks and throwers.

i mean to be fair i was pretty active d1 but d2 i was working and or sleeping during the majority.

i still had the correct read on faz d1 should have kept pushing that

feels bad man

i dont think town should be nominatable for mvp if scum win

thats just how ive been handling mvps lately, was inspired from dota lol

@fuckmafiauniverse @rildom i elevated both your permissions to lounge status since you both seem like chill dudes. feel free to post in the lounge if you wanna blog sometime or post anything personal. otherwise enjoy your stay :)

bazinga is beyond trash tier

yeah he really fucked up

I couldnt believe he is that fucking dumb

He had to be traitor


im pretty sure he is not that stupid but yeah what the fuck

Im taking a break from this site dan. Catch you later brother