transcendental meditation thread

post your mantra

im gonna start with aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and see where that takes me

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im going full gay yns


thatll be my next mantra after 2 weeks of aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lots of boomers are into this shit so im on my quest to becoming a proper boomer


anything iaafr does must be atleast 5% not retarded

shit theyre trying to get me to pay 1k to have somebody teach me

maybe if i just do it 4 times a day i can get over the handicap of not having it taught to me properly

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One ten-year-old boy whom I interviewed about his experiences with meditation told me that once during a session he forgot where his hands were, only to discover later that they were on the floor propping him up. Besides the loss of boundaries, the sense of time, place, or date may also go missing. As one successful businessman in his mid-fifties said, “Transcendence is timeless."

The Transcendental Meditation technique is an effortless procedure for allowing the excitations of the mind gradually to settle down until the least excited state of mind is reached. This is a state of inner wakefulness with no object of thought or perception, just pure consciousness aware of its own unbounded nature. It is wholeness, aware of itself, devoid of differences, beyond the division of subject and object— Transcendental Consciousness.

this honestly sounds like tripping

being able to trip without drugs is HIGHLY appealing to me

TM is nofap for boomers


Hey I dunno about the transcendental part but ill meditate with ya if some1 wants a Buddy

Im pretty sure a large part of the transcendental things just being so damn bored that youre just real into it

what the fuck lmao

if my mind wasn't always racing like a stupid fucking car i would do this