t's a fitting choice for a song that rails against the implicit and explicit oppression of womxn. The track not only defines itself by being against the patriarchy but also recognizes a sisterhood that has to fight for survival.

looking for musicians to compose music on my 1kb 16:16 fixed point synth.


Can you send me the original of this photo?

I was going to rewrite the nyte bootsector demo to see if I could get a bigger image/actual effects.

The original unicorn photo at 16 colors at small sizes is particularly bad:

I tried this photo after being linked to it and it looks fantastic at 16 colors/small sizes with dithering:

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the issue is that if I want to tile the image, the width has to be a divisor of 320, so I'm left with 32/20, and at 32, 8 colors gets me to 550~ bytes, which is way too much :(


This is 577 bytes with palette at 32x40.

I don't necessarily have to tile it, I guess.

also, no longer need the file.

based nyte stalker

Hold on dearly to the past, if you let it slip away it's the same as death. To forget the past is to forget yourself

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GOD I hope she gets maimed in some horrible accident

what about these:

nevermind i dont think that will scale like a picture of just a person's face will

we're working with like 30x30 images here, if they're not dithered it's better because I can get more compression.

beautiful photo


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thank god I spent hours wondering why my C undefined behavior (not realized) wasn't translating to what I was seeing through emscripten!

Confession: I haven't written C code since 2012, I only write C++.

I'm fairly certain that means I'm not a programmer anymore - just a scripter.


Changes applied to the C++20 working draft in the summer meeting in July 2019:

  • add the spaceship (<=>) operator to the standard library[79]
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