Turf War v3 End

@ian the infamous illyrian pirate nobleman was made to walk the plank despite his protests that he needed to hit level 99 woodcutting before he died. @ian was a Town Neighbor. that's a big yikes as there are no all town neighborhoods left the Mafia win with their saboteur over the next two nights. gg and babylon is rebelling again.

Well done Mafia team,!

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lol/smh at killing nyte because she's actually posting

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Was ■■■ town for real



pretty sure i had like 4 towns sussing me d1 and nobody killed me then or at d2, i dont know how i lived

who was the other one


oh ok


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Good game ■■■--i hope yo ytake responsibility for the loss but still was fun to play.

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iaafrs and dans meta read on me is good, i never noticed i dont bother posting my reasoning behind my votes as town I only do that in my head, but as mafia i write it down


I rationalized the Ian vote in my head as like, town never wins if this is town, but it was a dumb rationalization and I probably could've worked my way to voting bazinga d2

but ah well it is what it is

you played well enough to give me doubt despite the meta disparity

insom played well in general, had some scumpings but I get scumpings from town players sometimes so it's not like it was obvscum


i tried my best to not afk and you guys found me out but didnt end up following through o well

i think in particular both of you sussing ian and each other made me think "maybe its 1 in these two (both are kinda weird here) and ian no matter what"

which might be precisely what insom/you wanted out of that idk

if it was intentional, it was sick, if it wasnt, lol it worked out that way

Sorry I thought bazingaboy was town

bazingaboy was scum

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gg guys

she still had minimal posting. she just wasn't being unbearably angry, which doesn't fit her usual play