Turf War v4 Day 2

Sengoku Jidai

Speedy intro after fixing mafiabot. During the first night of chaos a torrent of blood was spilled. Many clan loyalists fell, among their ranks were the esteemed monk @theodore, @theGreatWingdingi the metsuke, and @ian the admiral, all were Town Neighbors. The Shinobi stand poised to usurp the new order in it's infancy and install a Tokugawa Daimyo as the new Shogunate unless the clans can band together and find the bad hombres soon!

Alive Players


Day ends midnight EST 8/6 saturday or friday night for those who dont understand midnight

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@mafiabot startday 8083

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

insom, bazingaboy, KrazyKat, J-Crispy, fireworks_over_maynooth, Matticus, You_lose_i_win, Vanilla_Town,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5



ok the mafia are vanilla, fireworks, and matticus imo, willing to vote any of them. if we ML we lose.

@mafiabot vote vanilla_town

oh fuck this is a disaster

im so fucking sure its vanilla town


@mafiabot vote @Vanilla_Town

@mafiabot unvote

insom sounds fake youre scaring me

@fireworks_over_maynooth has hardly posted also which definitely makes him suspicious

what do you mean

idk, iā€™m awful at towntelling apparently

people think im mafia everygame, i promise i am not

ill probably still end up voting vanilla but rushing the game into insta hammer isnt necessary so im just unvoting

wasnt trying to instahammer, im just way more confident of my read on vanilla town than anyone else

There are town players that agreed to kill 3 other towns. Who are they and who are your partners

@mafiabot vote vanilla_town

parking here for now

@mafiabot vote nolynch

nevermind about the parking, doesnt take many votes