Turf War v4

Sengoku Jidai

No time for dank lore so I'll blitz it off the last videogame I videogamed. 1585 Japan Sengoku Jidai; the major clans (Oda, Hojo, Takeda, Date, Mori, Chosokabe) have deposed the Ashikaga Shogunate and are now deliberating how to rule japan in the future. The Tokugawa shinobi have infilitrated the clans emissaries and are attempting a coup before the new state even exists.


12 players:

1 Mafia Encryptor Neighbor
1 Mafia Saboteur Neighbor
1 Mafia Roleblocker Neighbor
9 Town Neighbors

Town Neighbor

Town Neighbor PM

Welcome! You are a Town Neighbor.

Your neighbor is ______.

You win when all the mafia are dead


  • Normal elimination mechanics

  • Everyone is paired into neighborhoods, including the mafia.

  • Neighborhoods are organized using pm's, and it is possible to have a neighborhood consisting of two mafia neighbors, two town neighbors, or one of each.


  • Each neighborhood shares a vigilante ability that can be used each night.

  • If one neighbor dies, that neighborhood loses the ability to shoot.

  • Neighbors must agree on their target, or no action will be taken. They may also agree to target no one. Neighbors may not shoot themselves or their neighbors.

  • Neighbors must also agree on who performs the action, if a target is chosen/agreed upon.

Mafia Faction -

You win if you eliminate all of town or if nothing can stop this happening, parity is not a guaranteed victory

  • Encryptor - enables day chat for bad hombres
  • Saboteur - each night may target a player, that player will die if no neighborhood attempts a shot
  • Roleblocker - each night may roleblock a player preventing any submitted action from being completed

Alive Players



Day 1 ends midnight on wednesday 8/3 or a majority of 7 is reached


@mafiabot startday 7821

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

insom, bazingaboy, SOPHIE, KrazyKat, Vanilla_Town, J-Crispy, fireworks_over_maynooth, theGreatWingdingi, Matticus, You_lose_i_win, ian, theodore,

Alive Players - 12

Majority Vote - 7


good luck have fun

neighborhood chat is night time only my b for not specifying

i'd add neighbors to pm chats but people would just start talking immediately so i will wait until night 1

@mafiabot lynch @Vanilla_Town

Attention seeking outside the mafia game extends to into it, I see.
What's your role?


What's your role?

Vanilla Town Neighbor.

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Yeah i believe that.

Nmagane, your role is irrelevant, because i'm 100% shooting you tonight. So you better get someone to stop me.

You cannot shoot me without your partner's consent. I am not worried.
You will fail to convince anyone to do anything. Ritalin hinders communication skills.

Enjoy your last day on God's Green Earth buddy


holy shit a game


For the readers: He is inadvertedly admitting to not being on the same neighborhood as me.

M<y Neighbor is a Memer