TV thread

Only series I watched recently was the expanse

Im actually v excited

Hey @Matticus I just heard there’s an August release date for the second season of mindhunter. FINALLY.

Yeah, that's why I was thinking about it again

Did you watch it/enjoy it?? (First season ofc)

I liked it

Chernobyl is fantastic.

my only gripe in the first episode was the portrayal of soviet political ideology was sort of on the nose; everything else was riveting and felt like a really good horror movie.

the best part is that there's no dumb women to ruin it (so far).

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I agree

why do you keep paying attention to infowars jones

I'm gonna watch the new chernobyl bulolshit

does anyone have a good stream i'm incapable of finding one

Nvm I have found one

i watching the hbo miniseries "Chernobyl Stalker"

hows first epi

it was really good tv, even though it has really obvious anti-soviet propaganda (tho state properties had been sold off by the time the disaster happened....) it's very gripping

Just saw a really cringy anti-commie scene. cia has its hand in everything

fellow gamersa nd non gamers... i need something else to watch in the same vein as chernobyl.