Unban Egyptian?

I woke up today with like 3 new posts to read. Second referendum time.

  • Yes, right now
  • No
  • Yes, in a few days

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He is killing the site.

He is the reason why my avatar keeps running but never gets that Subway™ sub.


You can always try and gwnerate discussion that isnt avout that guy

I am a bad generator. there was a good generator but yall banned him

if there was someone else doing it I probably wouldnt care about the egyptian but here we are. ghost town

We’re a ghost town because everyone stopped posting due to his behavior you idiot the last round of posting was from the 5 people left on the forum who just wanted to see him banned


“hurr I don’t see what’s wrong with him, he never upsets me”

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I bet you type some shit like that with greasy Cheeto fingers and unwashed hair

havent seen cheetos in so long. missing home


the board is only active when there are users like the egyptian to stir shit up.

you gotta appreciate those users no matter how annoying or bad you think they are. without them we dont do anything

I am going to the flatsix discord then.

we had plenty of users

I went there and he laughed at the thought of how the mods here do this shit.

If anyone wants an invite send me a pm.


flatsix was one of those users he should come back

this poll is flawed, the YES votes are divided up into two camps.