Underlords Thread

It is fun and way better than the dota mod. Finding games takes like 10 seconds.

We should get together and play together. I enjoyed playing with kittens and her friends way more than playing solo.

Playing with friends is already an option even in this beta. Anyone want to play?

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What is it

You play on a chess board. You buy dota heroes and place them on the board. Your opponents do the same. As you get more money and levels, you buy more heroes and place more units on the board.

Honestly the graphics are pretty trash and I hope they get better. The custom mod looked better lol

This game is really fun

I'm playing Pathfinder

this is so much fun

True, but the dota mod was buggy as hell and a pain in the ass. And the drag and drop system in the new game is way better than the dota mod.

yeah that part alone makes it worth



if anyone wanted to play

CM+goblins=hard stomp

So goblins tech is still a thing? BTW nice 3 3-star heroes and 2 2-star techies.
Disgusting team.

goblins is only good if u get the explosion talent

one great technique is finding the brawny HP talent and then having an axe with 40 kills

Do those talents accumulate over the whole game or just that round?

whole game i thought

anyone have a code that works?

Lmao @ riot literally stealing another dota game