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I've brought pooling perseverance to a whole new level of retarded.

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Yeah you brought it to a whole new level of retardely fucking bad.
How do you ever think a dirge getting refresher is a) good b) worth the fact that you're a dirge apart of 1 kill at 15 minutes and you've spent the entire game stacking and farming as a fucking early game hero. That entire time you could have just hit the Drow with doom and get the doom way more fed than one perseverance lmfao. I'm glad you got a refresher at the time dirge normally falls off so you can be useful for another 3 minutes xd not to mention you just fucking stole your offlaners wave and in a real game they would be massively fucked because of it haha

Pooling perseverance wins again. Nice one numeta-god

Posted wrong video.

You cut the wave at :30 to hit level 2 to harass the mid with decay.

The 0:30 second wave cut causes a reversal of lane position bringing the creeps closer to your off laner's tower.

Refresher dirge wins every team fight and the game. You get double flesh golem which is insanely OP, and 2x blademail loop later on.

Pooling Perseverance makes your mid or offlaner makes them a GOD

I don't know what's so hard to understand about that peasant

Idk what's so hard to understand that you're literally worthless for 15 minutes on a hero where the first 15 minutes of the game is the only time he's effective.
You literally fucked your doom in that lane and if the enemy was above 2k he would have been a non factor in the game.
Your pooling pers didn't help the windranger win lane against a slark, she already dominates that lane. I think you're the dumbest person to ever post on this site

Also you know his ult doesn't stack right? It's really only benefit is an extra tombstone but then you're out of Mana because you have like 600 mana xd

You can also just pull the lane and getting jungle farm as well instead of just yoinking your offlanes wave xd. And since your hero is one of the most broken early heroes you can defend the pull by just spamming fucking decay

No the ults do not stack lol.

I advocate buying mangos and even do it in the video to cover the mana costs of refresher.

Dirge is now an end game hero, hes not even that good early game anymore.

I'm not a useless hero for 15 minutes... you have full TP capabilities to help your mid or top and drop tombstone. You're literally pooling huge amounts of gold early on which counteracts your lack of impact. You don't need to do anything. You got your safelane + support doing their job and your offlaner doing his. You're literally a variable waiting to happen. You have threat over the enemy team at all times.

Watch the correct video

This is a hallmark of all of numeta's builds: He tries to find clever ways to jack off in the woods on heroes that are supposed to be running at people.


You're a useless hero because your hero is meant to pressure the enemy heroes for the first 10 minutes of the game then snowball them. If you ran at the Drow and thd from minute one your doom would 3 shot everyone in the game and the game would be over.
You don't need impact you give one hero some extra Regen!!!!!!!! Lmfao Jesus dude you can't play DotA down a hero anymore.
Refresher isn't even a good first item on him. It's 5k gold that could go to something like fucking guardian greaves or anything else. You get one extra tombstone for all your Mana so you can't spam decay and flesh rip throughout the fight xd. Just buy 4 mangos every fight hahaha

Dirge is late game guys but don't get the item that makes him viable at all late game.
Hint it's not fucking refresher it's aghs

Flesh Golem gives 400/1000/1600 health for blademail to be great.

You'll never farm an aghanims, let alone have enough mana or cast range to make it useful.

Your mentality is literally ' JSUT RUN AT THEM AND DO DIRGE THINGS" like wtf are you retarded lol

How the fuck am i going to snowball them? What items am I going to buy or use? what skills am i going to be using to snowball them? Lmao

Aghs is really good but he also does not have the mana to sustain it.

How do you talk about Mana issues when you literally want to use ult tombstone refresher tombstone ult? At least aghs gives you like 300 some raw Mana xd 'youll never farm an aghs but here's my guide to farming an item that costs 1k more gold'

So you need refresher and blademail to be good? Why not just get a fucking blademail first then?

What do you mean how are you going to snowball them you're a fucking support. You spam decay, you give your carries a free lane to farm and then they snowball.

You calling others retarded is a fucking laugh tho. What else does dirge do besides decay and smack people the first 5 minutes then become a walking tombstone healbot xd

Holy fuck the cognitive dissonance is ridiculous on you.

Man I'm sure glad this retard gave me a perseverance instead of standing in lane and giving me free farm

I think you should at least give his build a try before denigrating it so much. I can vouch for Vincent's jungle brewmaster build; it revolutionized the hero and changed everyone's opinion on just how effective jacking off in the woods for 15-20 minutes can really be.


standard numeta thread where hes forecasting meta shifts and getting called a retard for it

Keep Owning ANd Sharing The Prophets!!

it doesn't even matter what items you build after brown boots in normal skill

maybe that's the whole joke for numeta's satire