Undying (Dirge) Discussion Thread

You have plenty of mana to cast Flesh Golem Tombstone + Refresher Tombstone. Also MANGOS you troglodyte.

You do not have the mana to sustain aghanims because it requires the casting of decay upwards of 5 times. You need mana boots to sustain it and you're matching the cost of a refresher build without being able to pool your cores..

You can pool your offlaner too you retard. And if you offlane hero (Which should be able to farm under duress) is having problems farming then you have other problems to worry about.

Aghanims is jut not good on dirge unless you're being cored; and in the case of Core Dirge Radiance is far superior.

So please stop fucking talking about thing you don't fuckung understand. If you wanna keep posting cause it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside go for it , but don't deny my science when I literally created the meta, and wrote the fucking patch notes.

I'd be more than thrilled to 1v1 mid against you just so I can fucking destroy you with one hand and I'll stream it.

You're such a moron.

Why can't you sustain aghs with 7 backpack slots of mangoes and a personal flying courier with 6 more?

fuck i wish i could buy a billion couriers sitll. id have mango mules across the fuckin map

I used to build bloodstone on core dirge back in like 2008 because that's what the numetas on dotacash said to do.

Core dirge owns

Buying gloves of haste and an extra tp

Or getting 2 stouts

There's no way you have Mana for aghs guys. You need at least 5 casts (115 each, so 575). But you have Mana for tombstonex2 (150 each), ult (100) and refresher (375). That's 200 more Mana my dude. You also again, don't get any Mana from refresher xd.

I'll 1v1 anytime tho my dude

what's the word for the opposite of critical thinking?


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Slight update to the build order.

No items level 1 - Cut 0:30 seconds creep wave - First buy ring of health pool mid or safe.

I actually remember telling someone this

Who were you on dotacash? lol

Huge Pog

i pooled two pā€™s to my cores and they refused to give them back :frown:

lol welp

Never go tombstone, never use tombstone, tombstone is for the weak


Ah yes, and for our prix-fixe, we have a wonderful tomato-marrow bisque and a main, Dirge Numeta

I'll be having the Dirge Numeta.

I love the way the pooled pers adds to the dish. What an incredible flavor profile

Max Q and W, and then you may Tombstone.