Unfortunate news

I think I have food poisoning I've been on the toilet all day this is a picture of me on the toile

breed nyte ?

invest heavily in Tiger Meat

I'll explain later kiddo

Drink a lot of water.


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My mental state is rapidly deteriorating

I unironically have SAD except for when it gets nice out

I keep sitting at stop signs waiting for a light to turn green. Then some dude honks at me. That and burning people alive with my brights because I don't realize they're in front of me

Feeling a need to vote for Biden

This is just too far

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This all started when they banned gamersriseup

I still want to know what you were looking for in the coronavirus subreddit

Is it a fascination with some idea of impending doom? Is it a desire for something, anything, of importance to happen in the world?

I have probably done things like this before and not known the reasons

Is it the same as "New Miracle Cure for Cancer! Cancer may be cured!" (actual content: something worked on mice, maybe something will come of it or maybe not) being posted on r/news once every couple months and getting 30k upvotes

Maybe it's the search for novel information. I have also definitely found myself waking up to hope to find huge world changing news on reddit quite often in the past

On a serious note I really wish this shit would end I need the fucking gym and my job is annoying and stressful now that this shit is happening

You listen to the radio lately? Every ad has something to do with this crud. I want to go sit in a cabin somewhere and complete all of the art of problem solving books in peace

@big_ass explain this

Probably stress