USA/ Canada terrorist attack?

Look at that shit happened today

Imagine i posted the 5 miku images

Big if true

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Haven’t heard from @insom in a few days, did you attack the border with US because you’re jealous of our great healthcare?

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holy shit they got some air

Crossing the US Canada border speed run (GONE WRONG!)

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Hope insom is OK


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Haven't watched the whole thing yet

Alright this was actually pretty crazy, up front when he starts talking about problems you think he's just going to be a dumb progressive and say it's all tech companies' faults, but then he meets up with and follows people who actually do crimes around the tenderloin so a big part of the video is talking about crime

he could've balanced it a bit by getting an interview with some tech executive and let them talk about reasons they are no longer in the city - you could email marc andreessen or something I honestly think he'd go on, he would know all gas no brakes

But yea it's extremely apparent even just from this video that it's not "evil tech companies" entirely at fault, you can see from the way locals talk they don't even want tech companies there in the first place. If anything they're happier with the crime than the tech bros

That city is not going to change, the people don't want it to change, those who do move out. It's real cyberpunk shit but only because tech was recently there, the guy who says it's the next detroit is spot-on, the long-term for SF is crime and decay. It's written in the hearts of the people there - their story is already written but not yet told

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And yea this guy has an ability to get some crazy shit filmed, reminds me of louis theroux but even more reckless

Like he says he went to honduras and followed and filmed one of these drug dealers scouted and shipped in by the cartel??

Filmed & basically participated in actual crime/robberies

& the whole time these guys are laying out exactly what they do, exactly what they have done, all talking with him like a friend. Not a single thought about being on film.

Legendary interviewer

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Reading reddit comments and evidently he is also a sexual assaulter. Be warned hide your kids hide your ass if this guy is in your neighborhood

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I like his interviews. He does a good job of putting people at ease and letting them talk

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Channel 5 is funny have been watching these guys since they did the crip Mac stuff a few years ago, very funny interviews and he does a good job of just finding hilarious characters and letting them talk into a microphone. Also some of their editing with the voice overs are hilarious, the Israel Palestine videos he did were very funny and relatively objective with maybe a slight lean towards Palestine. Most of his stuff you start off like oh it’s another liberal social media loser pushing some leftist agenda then you watch the video and he’s just going and asking people to explain what they do why they do it etc. very cool stuff

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As far as the SF video was kind of funny the dude he was walking with in the first half because I’ve seen that dudes videos before due to following some california related social media pages but never knew who he was and hearing him ask that tranny “what you want to stay in the four seasons or something” made me laugh out loud. Overall california is a shithole which would be fine if it was cheaper however the part that the video seems to miss out on highlighting is even though there is this increase in street crime, drug use, homelessness and general urban decay around california (Los angeles is dealing with similar problems although more spread out since it is much bigger than SF) the rents have actually increased since Covid and it’s not getting any cheaper to live here. I don’t pretend to even understand the situation although moving to Boston and seeing other cities around the country is making me realize it’s more of a nationwide issue of these cities not actually being particularly nice to live in anymore and that 2010s view of these cities as little hipster hangouts where you go to quirky coffee shops and meet interesting successful people is not reality anymore yet they still have high rents that continue to increase and I wonder when the public zeitgeist will change back into people not wanting to live in cities anymore and moving back into quiet suburbs and how that will effect rent prices in the next 10 years

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Shits going to get truly dystopian if rents continue to rise up to even more ridiculous levels in these cities and they keep getting shittier and shittier like the path they are on now

You say "here," did you move back to CA?

I definitely feel the "rents haven't gone down but quality of life is worse in the cities" but I also chose to move into the city after the pandemic and it is delivering what I wanted - I wouldn't move out to the suburbs as I don't want to be far away from things. In general I would say I am happy in the city and have a good experience. But I live in a particularly unique area

That said there was apparently a fatal shooting in central square last night which is pretty wild. Central square is the part of cambridge where pretty much everybody lives and walks through. It's always had an issue with homeless/drug use (pretty minor compared to any video you see of an area where there is actual widespread drug use in the streets, but it's there in little pockets) but this is a step up