USA health insurance

How do people not have health insurance in USA? Unless ur extremely inept and in a desperate situation this shouldnt be that hard.... or an illegal which is another story.


your figures are wrong and way too low

Health care is actually free here.

  1. Don't pay for health care
  2. Only go to the hospital if it's an emergency
  3. Ignore the bills they send you

whats a better estimate?

how does that even work lol

That doesnt include deductibles

On shit year you might shell out 5k on premiums and 7k on deductibles

depends on where you live, how old you are and what kind of plan you have, but multiply your numbers by probably like 3-6

My job covers my health insurance lol

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Paying lol

health insurers don't serve a purpose

they've somehow made an industry out of being middlemen

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I haven’t been to a doctor or hospital for 10 years

My company paid health care costs me 12k a year.
Minimum wage is like 17k a year.
You do the math.

I moved from Canada to the US just under a year ago and healthcare here is so much more fucked than I knew. I'm extremely well covered compared to most but even then it's shocking how shit everything health-related is here compared to back home.


What does 12k get u?

I know the rich here go to states for medical

I pay like $80 a month for some shitty Kaiser hmo plan i haven’t used once

Ppo plans can cost up to like $500 a month for a single person

80 isnt bad

12k gets me nothing because I avoid going to doctors.
I am seriously thinking about moving to Canada.