Using Discourse Tips

  • Theres a site section for users to leave feedback or apply for a vouch to the lounge thread that you gain access to when you hit the Trust Level 1 (new users are zero)

  • sub in a mafia game for a sub on your account.

  • create content for custom icon on your account.

posting tips

  • you can upload short video and audio clips.

  • unsub from threads you dont give a poop about, or even full categories

  • there are a lot of custom emotes, probably too many. check the bottom of the list of emotes to see them.

  • you can edit a post within 2 minutes but dont use this to make any major changes to your mafia posts, like editing your post to a . or something.

  • you can @users to annoy them

  • want to add an emote? post it here more emoticons and post ones you want added here

  • post spammy content to spam

user profile tips

  • Theres a number of different discourse skins supported.
  • you can upload animated avatars
  • you can ignore users like grayboxing on nadota.
  • you can change your category view on the main page to latest in your settings.
  • you can hide your online visibility.
  • you can customize or disable notifications, but keep admin @s on to be bothered by people wondering where <good poster> went
  • you can remove the pin from pinned topics as a user to reduce clutter
  • you can block users in your settings
  • some skins have reduced emoji sizes.
  • you can submit a poll
  • theres a lot of custom emotes, they show up past all the crappy emojis.