more emoticons and post ones you want added here

i was waiting for someone to finish a call so i saved and am uploading some new emoticons, pretty much exclusively from twitch because farming them is absolute ass but i am totally open to uploading new emotes if others are into them. we've become more friendly about having reacts in mafia and there's some that i feel would be relevant and fun, and now we have alternatives to +1 and -1.

the best part is that adding emotes now places them exclusively at the bottom first, so go there to view anything thats been added this year. i believe its a blank icon on the left side in the reacts section for god knows what reason.

edit: nevermind stupid upload page is buggy so some of the new icons are mixed with the old group of custom icons

emoticons in the list view are properly spaced out as well now

Add pepepoint please :)

Don't you know that frog is racist... :monkey:


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Best emote

this is the best thread on the site now.

Half of them have broken image links

refresh your tab or just like totally close it and reopen it

none of the links are broken for me

I did that and cleared my cache before I posted anything

youre literally the only guy with broken links for images i think

can you screenshot it?

They are now working. It was the Mason one when I made the last post

@epok I want a GG emote and some of Grandgrant's emotes.
I don't think he would complain.

I'd like to request a slightly more tan dong emote. Thank you.

i dont modify or make any of these sorry

disc emoji

:flying_disc: ?

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I know this would cause issues. We need an entire color palate of dongs emotes!