looks boring tbh

Imagine supporting a game made by communist china, the china fucks who poisoned the world with Covid. Good job supporting terrorists.

Tell that to nmagane dude

Directly funding the coronavirus pandemic by raiding BlackWing Lair. - How i microgriefed the entire world with my guild.

The Boys LITERALLY ruined my life.

If u install this game riot will steal all of the information from your computer and sell it to the CCP

before u know it there will be a chinese knockoff of the goy club gaming and they will be ruining this forum at much cheaper cost and more effectively than u

For those that don't know here's some tl;dr info on the subject:

  1. Valorant is a game made by Riot! Games (think: Leage of Legends) which is owned by Tencent.
  2. Ring-0 is a technical way of saying administrator access. The program has the same access to your computer's information as you.
  3. This anti-cheat runs at start up and is always running if your computer is on, not just when the game is running.
  4. While the chances of China wanting the personal info of RandomGamer2000 in america is low, if any hacker, specifically state based hackers, wanted access to your system, they can just figure out how to tap into this anti-cheat and then they have root access to your computer.
  5. This gives whoever has access to this anticheat file the ability to track and record aaaaany data or information on your PC at any time because this kit runs 24/7, not just when the game is running.
  6. This game can't be run in a VM which means you have to install this anti-cheat on your main system and can't run the game on a win10 VM if you run linux or something.

Good. Cheaters never win

anyone wanna give me a key

all my friends play this and I feel like such a loser sitting in the discord channel while they all play

Just gonna make it clear. I call it the Chinese anti cheat system, because it comes from CHINA. Look Im not hating on china, I love all my Chinese gamer, but this anti cheat system comes from CHINA.

Yes the Surveillance state has it's CHINESE anti cheat system running always, once you start the game. They say it doesnt scan, that its not collecitng data, but it comes from CHINA.

It was my birthday yesterday can I get a key :kissing_closed_eyes: watching streams all the time and I aint getting shit

I got in this game is fun

lets play together sometime?

good idea if you enjoy losing. I am unbelievably bad at fps games

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are u not in yet? if not we can just share a riot account. my game is having the infinite "you must install spyware" bug but if it didnt pretty sure we'd play at different times anyways

pm me if so

I got in all good