Walmart Endeavors Thread

hate when there make is to do Halloween candy at Walmart. I hate it. For those who know what I’m talking about it’s Halloween time and they make us to stock all the candy and I have been walking at Walmart now for two weeks and I hate it also Sick of tired having this ADHD sick of tired ask asking employees where does this item go and they do help me sometimes other employees out it’s rude as hell Take me hard time just for me to find the item where it belongs it takes me hours just to find that item but it is in front of me the whole time Don't give me started with the employees the very rude I had one employee to tell me to fuck off because I was asking MD play call of duty and he said all he does is party and he got so mad at me he told me to back off before I punch you in your face

Filling out tax info during orientation

"How do I know if I have been unemployed in the last 6 months?"

My orientation gang

75IQ guy, kid with rat tail, short gay kid w/ lisp, mild autism guy, retired guy back to work, me, girl with big herpes mark on her lip

walmart class of 2019

Had no money for jeans (overweight loser doesn't fit into his old jeans) so my mother's boyfriend borrowed me money to get some

En route to walclub now to acquire new drip

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Fuck I haven't been to the casino in so long

Got two pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, and some spices for chicken marinade


I'm just doing what I need to do to survive (blogging)

My PS4 controller doesn't work, so I bought a new one and the next day I took the old one in the box to return. The lady at the counter gave me such a hard time. She opened the box, which is expected, but then she checked the controller all over, told me it looked used and called electronics so they would verify it.

The guy at electronics was like, "I'm busy over here. She should give you your money back anyway what's the problem"

This lady then checks the controller more, checks my receipt AGAIN, but in the end she gave me my money back, but she knew lol. I hate employees that act like they're standing on the front lines between peace and chaos. You can this is the same type of person who asked the teacher, "aren't you going to give us homework?" At the end of class

Imagine trying to save a company $60, a company that doesn't give a shit about you.

Its should come as no surprise that we work in one of the most high volume retail business in the country. Where places have high volumes of public traffic brings germs, bacteria, viruses and in some cases diseases. There is however one culprit inside every one of these stores whether it be Walmart Target, Vons or Kroger's... Etc..etc. That one culprit is the shopping cart and or buggy. The amount of germs and bacteria that can be on any one shopping cart at any given time.. can be the same as picking up public toilet seat with your bare hands.. so please take care of your health, be very cautious and be clean. When you use a shopping cart or buggy make sure you clean it and you keep it till you're done using them for the day. Love you all!! stay safe

Up until today, I was positive the meaning of the "self" was your own person. Or an individual. So as such self help centers mean you go and get help on your own. Or self medicate, you drug your own body. Self means 1. But today I learned I was wrong. 46 years I have been mistaken. Walmart has hidden the true meaning from Webster and his dictionary as well. You see, self means you plus another person wearing a yellow vest. I went through SELF checkout. Was I on my own? Nope. A lady wearing a yellow vest watching over my shoulder as I attempted to scan an item pushes around me to grab the scanning gun and says, here I'll do that. I was shocked. Was I in a checkout line I thought? Looking around it seems like other self's were on their own but my self included a yellow vest wearing assistant. Is she my Walmart guardian angela or what? What would this college graduate owner of their own businesses , with an IQ higher than a typical walmart paycheck do without my walmart self assistant. Will she follow me to the bathroom while I take a shit and when the toilet paper is stuck will she give me a reach around and wipe my ass as well? If I wanted any help or thought i could not handle a scanner on my own and needed training for it I would have gone through a check out line. Not a self checkout. You see, I dont want you people up in my business. You mind your own business. If I want an assistant at walmart, I'd hire one of you yellow vest wearing price scanning professionals and double your hourly rate. But since i want to save $5, I dont. Walmart, I buy and sell you on a weekly basis. I own you. Stay the hell out of my business before I short sell your ass to the Chinese. Losers

Go to any Walmart and use self checkout lol you can gank like 20 dollars of stuff every time. I went to Illinois and this shit worked like a charm. Just don't get greedy and if the senile old bag o bones at the door stops u just say he called u a racial slur lol. Losing there job over $20 dollars lol

You're going to get fired dude. Just do your job and take your pay.

agreed, how old are you?

Why would I get fired