War On Christmas Thread

What are you doing this year to defeat Christmas?

Swapped all Christmas music with the call to prayer

im stealing packages off of porches and throwing them in the river

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Called my congressman encouraging a ban on Christmas trees out of concern for the environment.

I didn't buy anything this year.

My girlfriend bought shit in my place

She's a dumbass

If it was up to me we would ban christianity and embrace islam

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Calling everyone that wishes me merry christmas a nazi

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It’s like the 1950s (the golden era of America) all over again only with more stoning

make sol invictus great again

anyone gonna catch the new Mel Gibson flick?

Fuck Christmas. I am Antisa.

These Christmas people don't even know how to write sheet music and they're asking me for $18 to display this abomination my wall? Fuck you.

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refusing to say christmas. only saying xmas "ecks-mas"

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NA MAfia paying us to be out here so we out here!


so now we're the oregon state beavers of dota?