What Are You Reading?

Been reading Dream Interpretation by Jung and Moby Dick by Melville

recently reading a lot of hampton sides. just finished ghost soldiers and starting in the kingdom of ice.

Just finished Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant. On the side I was reading the Harry Potter series, V by Thomas Pynchon and Holy Sonnets by John Donne.

Highly Recommended

I read a lot of John Donne in college - He’s very impressive

Oh? What course did you do.

Electrical Engineering

Oh sorry I knew that. Why were you reading John Donne as part of electrical engineering?

Had a poetry and philosophy minor actually

My university is a bit old school so we focused a lot on the 17th century classic top poets

I wouldn’t call that old school as most english and poetry majors focus on the old stuff. There hasn’t been much intelligent literature in modern times except for obvious exceptions to the rule.

Recently finished The red book by jung highly recommended

You know I’ve read all of Jung I assume - I’m guessing that was a joke as the red book is one of his best works hahaha!

Oh yeah I knew that, you’ve told me in TS before. I was recommending it for the rest of NaMafia’s userbase.

It’s been a while since I’ve read anything because no one has recommended me anything. A coworker recommended I read “Vampire Hunter D.” It is a Japanese light novel? She is bringing me a copy on Monday.

Do you usually read Japanese light novels?

If I’m not reading anything atm I usually like going to the library and just browsing. I did that a few weeks ago and started reading Infinite Jest. It was confusing at the start but it seems to be coming together the further I get into it

I just read whatever people recommend people and if I like it I go all out. Like I read an 14 book fantasy series cause someone said it was good.

Really dry shit no one cares about but just in case.

I do this quite a bit. I found a grammar of German written in Japanese last time. I was jazzed. Love libraries.

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that’s wild