What do you wish you were good at?

More than anything right now I think id like to be good with engines and generic homeowner things like understanding of water softeners and all that. If I could install my own, if I knew about carpentry, woodworking that would be cool because I'm less than useless in those fields right now


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good post!

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People skills

I wish I was a good welder and carpenter and I wish i was better at talking care of my appearance and relationships

A haircut is needed!

Video and image editing. Wish I knew how to make anything on a computer honestly.

Just start doing it it is mega fun. I started to casually edit my PUBG videos and learned a crap ton and the whole experience was fun and rewarding.

Once i finish major work on my house ill get back into editing again

Painted whole house and put in hardwood flooring


Yeah I plan on it. I want to learn adobe premier without paying for it

wish i was better at going to classes

what software are you using

I used to make some sick ass videos



Looking good captain

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thats a very nice floor you went with faz
i just went for one of the cheapest ones

I helped my grandparents put some flooring in recently

Cut a big hole in some of it to put a column in we made with Timber from the trees got cut down to put the house up