What do you wish you were good at?

It was nice

surprisingly easy, i'm having more difficulties with putting trim and molding on these crooked walls

Can't do that all in one piece

Hope you have spots for furniture to put in front of the segments

where possible i put them under the radiators but especially down by the door frames I had to come up with some creative and most certainly sub-optimal solutions

I'm sure you made the best of it

lets be real though in most brand new houses they dont even do the 45 degree mitres lol

I guess it depends

I grew up seeing some real nice houses while they were in construction

another room... as you can see we had to rebuild the wall lol
at this point of time i've put in the same floor as in the living room


Who's working on it with you?

just friends and family

That's good

You'll learn more than with a contractor or someone like that

Just saw a legit fucking landwhale riding a bike down a hill

thats all shitty paint on the tiles wall ceiling to cover up this disgusting mess that was there before

it's not long term but it made it look a lot better for now
they are going to connect the sewer lines to the city network soon and they'll probably tear up the whole bathroom so thats why im not spending any real money on it yet

putting in the sink after the floor is done drying lol

Same tile paint ordeal in the kitchen

Obviously I'm not keeping this disgusting 60's kitchen forever but I can't afford to replace all of it at this point of time, more urgent things in line