What do you wish you were good at?

I'll probably just sand and paint the cabinets and shit eventually but it has new floor new wallpaper painted walls and ceilings painted radiator

bought a new stove today
sink de-grossed

almost ready to move in

Did you get renovation costs in with a mortgage

no, they don't do that here anymore

well obviously if you have a really great job and you're a couple or you own other property or whatever they do but not in my situation

so it's all out of my pocket which obviously is a big hinderance considering i also have to save up for a new heating system unless i want to pay for expensive oil heating forever

HVAC will get you

its not like im gonna be poor or anything it's still way cheaper than an apartment but it'd be nice to get the heating sorted fast so i can start saving up for more shit

if I could win 20k on the lottery i'd buy one of these geothermal heat systems and live for less than 200$ a month mortgage interest heating all included lmao

can you believe apartment cucks pay 1k a month for some rat infested shoe box when u can own a house for 130$ a month lmao?

I'm paying $600 just for parking

man that is terrible

i could probably fit 20 cars just on the one side of my lawn

It's the airport rate

I have the good fortune to be homeless

No i dont believe you

The receipts in the car

You win this time

Sony vegas

Looks nice and clean. I got hickory $4.99/ sqft