When does day end (Discussion)

There's always been some confusion around whether day ends when host arrives and says it ends, whether players should stop posting after majority is reached, whether mods should lock the thread, etc

We should have a consensus on this

  1. When does day end? When should players stop posting?
    a) When host arrives and says it has ended (or the thread is auto locked by a host's timer)
    b) When officially announced EOD time is reached
    c) When players think majority was reached

  2. Should players in the game be able to decide when a day is over and tell others to stop posting (if host has not yet arrived)?

  3. Should a player in the game who happens to have moderator powers but is not the host lock the thread when he thinks day is over?

I personally feel only the host should be dictating these things and a moderator who is an active player in a game shouldn't be taking moderator actions on the game thread or its players

It's not players' responsibility to decide when a day is over - and if day continues until host arrives (meaning people are allowed to post stuff in the meantime) a player mod locking the thread can have a real impact on the game (eg. push through a majority on a town and then lock the thread before that person gets a chance to post their reads).

If mafiabot was locking threads at majority automatically this would be a good mechanic. If it's a player moderator in the game, it creates an issue where normal scum teams are at a disadvantage because they can't lock threads when they hammer.

I'm not saying any moderators are actually influencing games but I am saying whatever the rule is it should be clear

Give me temp mod so I can control my thread

Or just give mafiabot mod and add a host command @mafiabot lock

Here are the ways to do this

  1. Update a thread with status: closed


  1. jdance I believe you should be able to "create a timed topic" so it always shows that it locks at eod. Though you shouldn't try it with your current thread because it might mess up the mafiabot (since thread is already created)


The host should state in the OP when day ends. In the games I hosted, I let people post after hammer until I posted Day over. Stop posting.

Yeah host can ask mods to close thread or ask them to set a timer on it so it ends at a certain time

But I think best solution is a mafiabot command

host should say when their day ends


i just want complete control man

i think the bot should lock threads at majority. the host of each game should be able to lock the thread via the bot. i can prolly work on that this week sometime.

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and unlock

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I did not read OP as there are far too many words, but probably when day duration expires or hammer reached.


I think we could also do games with no hammer, and only on day expiration.I think this might work better with the trolly population we have here. Can give people time to re-evaluate and not ruin the game because they rage vote, or don't think.

What other mafia players do we try to bring back?

Seems like this would make it so nothing matters mid-day

Nothing would happen until eod


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The day ends when the sun goes down and it is dark.

I will not be taking any questions about time zones or astronomy at this time.

day ends when slowdive gets sleepy. we will play purely based off his sleep schedule.

when slowdive awakes he will post and only then we are allowed to post.

when slowdive is sleepy he will post and we will say goodnight and stop posting until he is wakey wakey eggs n bakey

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Slowdive doesnt get sleepy he was only pretending to get sleepy to avoid my incisive questioning


Me and slowdive actually share dreams so I can confirm he was asleep

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I love this