which one is

which one of the users is brendan? i need hiom for jhouirnalism

@jones @anon_yang @anon75925521

brendan is the one with the dumb slavoj zizek avatar

actually anyone will do.

anyone who has webcam and mic pls msg me i will give you directions

Hey, I’m here. This is brendan.

you’ve resorted to impersonating valued members of this website? youre disgusting.

Namafia - The middle eastern perspective ft. Nmagane and Toprak. Make it happen

i know one of you fucks got a webcam and mic and is looking to become a star(the story rim breaking on alightsoul will more than likely go viral and you will be famous for your part)

I have a webcam and mic but I’d need you to censor my face. Also we’d need to use a fake name.

this seems promising.

can we use your normal voice?

I dunno. My voice is funny so we might have to add some bass to it. If you’re in the NAMafia discord later I can give you a sample.

i think i left the namafia discolrd because alightsoul was bombing it

I’ll send you a SFW vocaroo link. I’ll probably be home in an hour.


PM me a discord link or something

send vocaroo

what do i say?

read a news article for testing pur[poses

It saying “Nothing was recorded” Send link