Who are you voting for for 2020

  • Bernie
  • Yang
  • Trump

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Yns voting red in a 99% blue state and turk voting red from turkey

Can we get some votes that matter please

2-0 Bernie

Girlpool is from finland.


@faZ how do you feel about you paying more taxes than billionaires

Also how do you feel about Amazon paying zero in taxes last year

who ever lets me grow weed and live in the boonies on solar power and satellite internet

Vote currently stands at 6-0 in favor of bernie


where is none of the above?


More % wise? That's fucked up

Trump wants them to pay even less than they already do!

I think you are worried too much about what a company who masterfully executed its way around tax laws company has payed in taxes.

Amazon has payed more in taxes than you prob ever will make in your life
"From 2009 to 2018, the company earned roughly $26.5 billion in profit and paid approximately $791 million in federal taxes, "

i mean you could start your own business and enjoy the similar tax breaks but instead you sit here and complain about it.

Amazon is responsible for the livelihood of everyone it employees. You can view that however you like but if not for amazon these people would not have a pay check.

That's why businesses receive tax breaks of the such, because they legitimately are the reason people like us who don't start their own business can survive, and as a result of such we bare the tax burden for them. Yes it sucks to see your paycheck get obliterated by like 25% each time but you have to understand you work for someone else and are paying the tax burden for them.

Its easy to hate but if you were running your business and had the money you would do the same. Why pay more than you have to?
Sure we can go the route of changing the laws but then there would be no businesses because everyone would be doing everything they can to work for someone else to pay the least. There is a reason its structured like this.

Lmao you're literally sucking the dick of someone who makes more money than they could spend in a lifetime. You're actually so whipped.
The "masterful" execution you speak of is literally just them paying the lawmakers money to make more money themselves, and then denying healthcare to as many employees and paying them the least amount they can.

How exactly are they responsible for anyones livelyhood when they are not paying for their healthcare, even though they easily can

Maybe look up Costco, it you believe actually treating employees correctly cannot be done

Slave mongering piece of shit

? I am not responsible for the livelihood of 647,500 people. I dont provide a job or paycheck to this many people
I am not sucking dick, you are just upset because you wish to have the money they have.

Go earn it. You know the rules to the game, play.
Yes i like costco, thats why i have money invested in them. You dont have to like amazon, you have to be aware that your hatred of them is pure jealously of their sheer amount of wealth.

I learned that if you hate wealth and wealthy people you really set yourself up for failure. Most people will never be rich because they view it as some kind of evil.

btw if you hate amazon so much stop buying from them and encourage your friends not to. The same libby people mad at amazon have an account with them ordering shit lmfao.