Who are you voting for for 2020

I'm not jealous dude. I have morals. If I had that amount of money I would be taking care of the people who work for me. Scraping as much money as you can from people just to inflate your net worth to a point that you could never even hope to spend, or hope for that money to be useful is absolutely pointless and sociopathic. Is the goal of these shareholders to die with as much money as possible? They have inhumane figures of money, and they don't care about passing it on to anyone else because all they can see is themselves.

It's all some fucked up narcisstic sociopathic game to them with no empathy for anyone other than themselves

Themselves is a collective right? Themselves have family right?

You hate them so much you think they are selfish and evil just because they have more money than you? And yet they have donated more to charity than you ever will in your life.

You don't need a billion fucking dollars to take care of a family retard. You can do that on less than 50,000. Are you even aware of how much money a billion dollars is?

You are mad at someone elses success, go get rich, pay your debts, and stop crying. People like you are all like this because yo uare poor and intend to stay poor because of poor decisions and hatred toward wealth.

Watch videos like this before you presume to understand how much a billion dollars is. It's pointless. It's mental illness

Hey nice my net worth is a billion dollars.

Time to cut healthcare for the person who has worked for me for 10 years for minimum wage because I need more money

how much is a billion dollars 100 years down the line worth in buying power when inflation is averaged at 3%? How many family generations down the line of your blood line do you still want to have money? Think long term please.

You are upset because you are poor, and in debt, and wish you had money. Stay mad.

but its okay your overlords who have much more money than amazon, told you to hate amazon lmfao.

Lmao what the fuck are you stupid?

1 billion assuming 3% inflation and 5% return on investments is going to be worth MORE than their 1 billion now

They're investing their money dumbfuck

It's not in a fucking 0.01% interest savings account

so you know they invest it and are constantly competing against other investors but you still think they are just piling money for no reason?

You are blowing yourself out of the water each time, you realize that there are potentially much more evil players, im talking human trafficking organ harvesting faggots who have much more money that you have to compete with and stay up on?

Keep hating a business that actually is productive to society while real evil is out there.

Invest your money too then. stop being poor.

If you werent a debt stacking broke boy you wouldnt even have this much unnatural hatred toward rich people.

A poor person makes more money.

They go to a mechanic to get their car fixed, they go to the movies with their friends. They spend money at a local restaurant. All empowering the local economy.

A rich person makes more money.

They buy more stocks in Twitter lmao

What do you think of healthcare for all and free college education?

Student loans are a scam and legitmate slavery dude to the inability to declare bankrupcy.
Healthcare is overrated, and if it wasnt manipulated so heavily by stupid regulations it might actually be cheaper..

Nobody needs a college education, degrees have been oversold hence why a degree doesnt warrant earning you a job anymore.

My gallbladder was going to kill me if a surgeon didn't remove it. Every year about 100,000 have their gallbladders removed. Do you think they should just fight through the pain?

if your diet, health and lifestyle wasnt so shitty you can potentially avoid health problems. Im sorry you had to go through that.